As an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company, we are responsible for the design, manufacture and testing of printed circuit board assemblies (pcba’s). We are effective because we take part in the earliest possible design phase via our early supplier involvement and Design for eXcellence (DfX) programmes. We are also specialists in supply chain management, smart industry, test engineering and box building.

early supplier involvement that's …
one small step for us, one giant leap for manufacturing

Involvement at the earliest possible stage is crucial: we focus on the business of perfection for customers who have high standards for their pcba’s.

If necessary, we can deliver pcba’s to our customers as a complete product with housing and accessories. Ready to use! 

Design for eXcellence delivers great added value for clients. At VDL TBP Electronics, this approach is adopted by our early involvement services.

We help customers to perfect the design of printed circuit board assemblies (pcba’s) in the earliest possible design stage. 

Our Test Engineers analyse the design of pcba’s and make recommendations for even better test accessibility and test coverage. 

We are always making our production better and more intelligent: thus smart industry. The internet has become an important part of our approach. 

We offer extra delivery reliability and even more delivery flexibility with our supply chain management services. We establish a contract with you to immediately perform flexible orders. 

Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Testing (DfT) involve working with your designer to maximise the manufacturability, test accessibility and test coverage of the pcba design. 


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