Early supplier involvement & Design for eXcellence


Our principle is ‘right first time’: to do everything right at the first attempt and to only do what is necessary. This is possible because we are involved in the earliest design stage of a printed circuit board assembly (pcba), which creates tremendous added value for our customers. We call this our early supplier involvement services.

We help customers to perfect their pcba design, select the best components and decide the best test strategy. We do so with Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Testing (DfT). Design for Logistics (DfL) allows us to ensure maximum delivery flexibility while with Design for Cost (DfC) means customers can rely on the lowest overall costs: the best value of ownership. Together, these steps are called Design for eXcellence (DfX).

DfX realises an effective design which offers the highest production yield and the best delivery quality (minimum slip through). We are the only EMS company to include these percentages calculated in the design phase as a result obligation in our quotations. Our early supplier involvement with DfX ensures the highest product value at the lowest total cost. That is why our DfX engineers work intensively with our customers’ designers.


One of VDL TBP Electronics' most striking plus points is the added value in the form of DfX at the moment you come forward with a new product.



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